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General Introduction to Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), the biggest joint venture enterprise in China’s auto sector, was formally established on June 9, 2003 as the result of the strategic cooperation between Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) and Nissan Motor Co. The company came into formal operations on July 1, 2003 with Mr. Xu Ping as current Chairman and Mr. Kimiyasu Nakamura as President.

DFL has registered capital valued at RMB16.7 billion (240 billion Yen or US$2 billion) with 50 percent equity per each party. Investments from DFG include existing assets from subsidiaries and equities in relevant enterprises while Nissan Motors Co. provided cash at equal value. The company is now headquartered in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and has approximately 70,000 employees.

DFL is China's first automotive joint venture enterprise with a complete series of trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. The Dongfeng brand is used for its commercial vehicles and the Nissan brand is used for passenger vehicles.

DFL has established a R&D center for passenger vehicles in Guangzhou and set up the Product R&D Institute of DFAC in Wuhan. It also maintained and developed its R&D center for existing commercial vehicles.

DFL is the largest joint-venture project of its scale and the deepest and broadest scope in China's automotive industry.

    ——- Largest in scale. Registered capital in the company is valued at RMB16.7 billion. It surpasses any other joint-venture enterprise in China. This is Nissan's second largest overseas investment project following project investments in the US.

    ——- Greatest number of employees. The number of employees amount to 70,000, which is the greatest number for a joint-venture enterprise in China's automotive industry.

    ——Broadest range of products. DFL's products include commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, parts & components and automotive equipment. This makes DFL the first joint-venture company with a complete range of products in China's automotive industry.

    ——Deepest cooperation. In addition to cooperation in the areas of R&D, production and sales, Nissan will also provide experience sharing in product strategy, purchasing, logistics, quality control, brand management, market development, sales network and financial services, covering all aspects of the value chain.

Based on the complete fulfillment of the first mid-term business plan “Plan Two Cubed” for 2003-2007, DFL fulfilled the sales volume and sales revenue targets of its second mid-term business plan “Plan One Cubed” for 2008-2012 in high quality within less than 3 years. On July 26, 2011, DFL announced its “new mid-term business plan” for 2011-2015 in Beijing. It plans to invest 50 billion RMB in China, enlarge its sales from 1 million vehicles to 2.3 million, and will expand its sales networks from 1,400 to 2,400. It will launch 30 new models of vehicles among which the new model Venucia, the self-owned brand of Dongfeng-Nissan, will start to sell in 2012. Its sales is expected to surpass 300,000 units through the launch of 5 models. In terms of the cultivation and development of new-energy vehicles, DFL will launch the electric car “Venucia”. DFL takes the scientific development as its priority and will speed up to change its development method. It will strengthen its competitive advantage through the continuous improvement of product and service quality and the increase of market share while satisfying the customers’ demand. It will make all its effort to be a leader in the auto industry with the “highly trusted” brand image.

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