Operation Strategy:

Highlight core business, Seek opportunities to expand, Advance Steadily,Center Around Profit.

Operation Philosophy:

Develop Strategically, Focus on core business.

Six Responsibility Systems:

Responsible to shareholders, responsible to customer, responsible to employees, responsible to the nation, responsible to the society, responsible to the environment and responsible to the partners along with the derived sustainable development guideline centering the concept of "People oriented and Value oriented" .

Product Strategy:

Focus on Commercial Vehicle, Strengthen Engine, Develop Passenger Vehicle and Aim at Hi-Tech.
Dongfeng Duolika, the king of the kings among light trucks.
An extra-large overall length, 6.15 metres; an extra-powerful truck with 120 horsepower.
The all new Dongfeng Duolika is uniquely installed with Dongfeng Chaoyang 120-horsepower environmentally friendly pressure-added engine that satisfies the Europe 1 standard.
A mature chassis matching extra-long body design, an extra-powerful drive, and a more excellent performance combine to make an ideal choice for transportation of bulky goods.
The common testimonial of seventy thousand users nationwide: Dongfeng Duolika, satisfies your long-term pursuit.
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Dalian Factory Becomes the Second Production Base of INFINITI (12-04-2017)
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